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Towns: ↑Hialeah ↙Miami Springs ↘West Little River ↖Hialeah Gardens ↘Gladeview ↘Brownsville ↗Opa-locka ↗Pinewood ↖Miami Lakes ↗Miami Shores ↙Doral ↗Carol City ↗North Miami ↗Golden Glades ↗Scott Lake ↖Country Club ↙Fountainebleau ↗Norland ↙Westchester ↘Miami ↙Coral Terrace ↙Sweetwater ↗North Miami Beach ↗Miramar ↘Coral Gables ↙University Park ↗Ives Estates ↗Ojus ↙Tamiami ↙Olympia Heights
Zipcodes: ↗Z33013 ↖Z33012 ↙Z33010 ↘Z33147 ↙Z33166 ↗Z33167 ↖Z33014 ↗Z33054 ↖Z33016 ↘Z33142
Communities: ↙Sunset manor no 4 ↙Wembley park ↙Hialeah manors amd pl ↖Mosers ↘Evergreen terrace ↘Soloman manor ↙Lasalle manor ↗Churchill downs ↙El jardin de hialeah ↗Churchill downs resub ↙Bilwahapb 82-48 ↘Sunland homes 2nd addn ↘Garsan apts ↙Ronnie sue 1st addn ↘Bougainvillea place rev ↗Deal gdns ↙Carole anne pk 2nd addn ↗Cobos fronton2 ↖Robins hgts ↖2nd addn to deal manor ↙Valvet hill 2nd sec ↖Bradley manor 1st ↙Allisonpb 59-15 ↖Lucy leepb 58-17 ↗Flamingo estates 1st addn ↙Bradley hgts ↖Rev pl of anacris addn to hia ↖Rose park ests ↘Blue gold ↙Wollaston park
Sights: ↙Hialeah Park Race Track ↖Hialeah ↙Hialeah station ↘Miami station ↘Tri-Rail and Metrorail Transfer Station ↙Seminola ↙Okeechobee station ↘Northside station ↙Clune Building ↘West Little River

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Historic district contributing properties in Connecticut, Woodstock, Connecticut, Historic house museums in Connecticut, Museums in Windham County, Connecticut, National Historic Landmarks in Connecticut, Carpenter Gothic houses in the United States, Houses completed in 1846, Houses on the National Register of Historic Places in Connecticut, Houses in Windham County, Connecticut, National Register of Historic Places in Windham County, Connecticut, Historic New England, Hidden categories:, Coordi...
1922 establishments in Oregon, 1982 establishments in Oregon, Former churches in Oregon, Music venues in Portland, Oregon, Nightclubs in Portland, Oregon, Northwest Portland, Oregon, Old Town Chinatown, Portland, Oregon, Religious buildings completed in 1922, Reportedly haunted locations in Portland, Oregon, Restaurants in Portland, Oregon, Theatres in Portland, Oregon, Hidden categories:, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, CS1 errors: chapter ignored, Good articles, Commons cate...The Roseland Theater, sometimes called the Roseland Theater and Grill, is a music venue located at 8 Northwest Sixth Avenue in the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, in the United States. The building was originally a church, constructed by the Apostolic Faith Church in 1922. In 1982, Larry Hurwitz converted the building to a music venue called Starry Night. In 1990, the clubs 21-year-old publicity agent was murdered in one of the theaters hallways; Hurwitz was convicted for th...

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  Roseland, Florida  

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  Census-designated places in Indian River County, Florida, Census-designated places in Florida, Populated places on the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida, Hidden categories:, Coordinates on Wikidata,  

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  Roseland is a census-designated place (CDP) in Indian River County, Florida, United States. The population was 1,775 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Sebastian�Vero Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area.  


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